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countering character conditions in MM6
01/06/2019, 20:25:36

    RubiconIII writes:

    Can't seem to find any info on this anywhere or in my recollection:

    Is there a way to counter conditions other than wearing an item this gives immunity to a certain condition.

    That is, does Protection from Poison decrease the likeliness of getting Poisoned or maybe Diseased?
    Or does Prot. from Magic counter Stoned in any way? Or does Prot. from Fire counter Eradicated?

    Or has it got to do with AC, level and/or Luck?

    Or is it a chance that is rolled on every successful attack from the enemy?

    I know the Body spell Prot. from Magic deals with the conditions in MM7 and MM8, but are there really no stopping to adverse conditions in MM6 other than items of immunity?

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