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I like opposition, a good fight and my melee weapons..
01/07/2019, 17:38:40

    RubiconIII writes: that might be why I'm not running all the time - also it's a balance most of the time. That is if the opposition could be dealt with at the spot, where I am, I wouldn't have to run back and forth every time, which takes time - time that goes from my spells - spells that take from my overall spell points - and when down to zero I have to leave for the temple or fountain. Yes, more damage means more healing, but with two good healers it's acceptable - only conditions such as poison or disease mess with a simple plan.

    So far I've taken on:
    New Sorpigal outside excluding islands, with one bow
    Castle Ironfist outside excluding arena and lizard infested region in front of Shadow Guild Hideout
    Abandoned Temple
    Misty Islands outside shooting the cutpurses from a mile away
    Silver Helm Outpost - yes, it's strong but doable with a lot of running up and down the corridors avoiding the Captains and Master Swordsmen - faced only one Master Monk which I took out quickly with a good wand I had bought for the occasion (had a bounty on him as well) - my AC was about 35-40 on everyone so I could take a direct hit from one of the guards while dodging and running. I really dislike wasting days waiting for the right boat. Didn't go past the hidden door though, as it's tricky enough without the low levels.
    Bootleg Bay outside as well as getting to that shrine just in time
    Temple of Tsantsa using those trapdoors to my advantage
    Free Haven outside excluding the archer mobs
    Free Haven Sewers - my current spot avoiding melee fight with the thieves at all cost and trying to deal with one priest at a time.

    Trained twice - to 4 in NS and to 8 at Mist - now eligible for 13 - planning to train after the Sewers.

    - otherwise taking the game at a slow pace this time around (my realtime) - the game will probably take a whole year to complete (both realtime and ingame)

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