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Reanimation (Kind of spoilerish)
02/05/2019, 08:46:07

    Eric B writes:

    Only time I ever use Reanimation was when trying to get my reputation to Notorious -- I'd slay a peasant, then reanimate him and slay him again. Each time you slay a peasant, no matter how many times you resurrect him, dings your reputation. Useful when Armageddon isn't quite enough to bring the points down.

    I usually do this in Blackshire, since the Master of Dark Magic is just over in Paradise Valley. First I cast Armageddon, then check my reputation. If it's still above Notorious, then I pick one to resurrect, slay it again, then check my reputation once more. Repeat until your reputation is Notorious; once I get Mastery in Dark Magic, then I Town Portal back to New Sorpigal, go to the temple, and donate until my reputation is back to Respectable. (IIRC, Donations there are in increments of ten gold, so I click Donate twenty times, as that's usually enough to atone.)

    The added benefit to donating at the temple after slaying peasants is once you get your reputation back up, you don't have to worry about getting arrested and sentenced to that year in jail when going to a castle.

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