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That's pretty well what I do to lower my reputation that last little bit, but . . .
02/13/2019, 09:49:27

    Peter2 writes:

    . . . rather than going to Blackshire, I pick one of the isolated peasants on the south coast of New Sorpigal. Neither of those is close enough to any other peasant to get the rest of the citizenry mad at my party.

    But I don't usually use Armageddon. I start out by donating at one of the active Baa Temples, then I sell my collection of bones to the Collector in Free Haven, and after that I take advantage of the Baa heads in the Superior Temple of Baa. That is normally enough to get my party's rep down to notorious, or very close to it. You can also get your party healed by the Curator is Castle Kriegspire, but that's a bit expensive.

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