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That's probably the difference. I don't recall being poisoned and diseased nearly as much as you describe.
01/07/2019, 15:38:13

    Ramillies writes:

    The hit & run seems to be a pretty basic tactic to me, so it's interesting that you could finish the game probably multiple times while abstaining from it .

    But it can be perhaps made even more effective in the turn-based mode: when you see the enemies, pause, then shoot them, and if any of them get too close, do a U-turn back and only after that go back into the realtime mode. Then run like a bunny. Rinse & repeat.

    (By the way, if that sounds mindless, it really is. That's why I don't like the combat in MM6 very much, and that's why I don't play the game all the time .)

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