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So do I.
01/07/2019, 15:48:04

    Ramillies writes:

    Sadly the MM6 has a lot of its own useless spells (anything with Fear, for instance; also Slow, Paralyze, Feeblemind, Mass Distortion etc.)

    But I really like the vast dungeons. Quite some people actually hate them, but I love them. Eventhough the huge dungeons mean also a huge amount of the mindless combat

    I normally hate the crazy-sized mobs, but some of them were interesting (defeating the Snergle's army wasn't nearly as mindless as the rest of the combat tends to be; and you can pretty much cheese the undead army in the Temple by running into the secret door and emerging at the side ledges, where the skeletons can't do anything to you).

    (And the radiation was pretty much OK I think, it only took 1 HP every couple of seconds, and the cleansing pools are aplenty there. But I guess that it can creep you out if you're there for the first time and you're not the type of person who reads all the texts )

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