March 14th, 2000 [by Caspar] :
    Would you believe that I still haven't got the game? I'm beginning to think it's a conspiracy or something! ; )

    Weekly Poll! The main reason for this update is of course the addition of a Poll to the site! Provoked by Tavern visitor Demosthenes, I thought it would be plain ol' fun to organize a weekly poll. And with a little help from Beseen, it was a breeze to implement. : )

    This change has of course been reflected in the top menu. The link to Home has been removed - you can now reaccess the main page by clicking the red banner above the menu.

    Oh, and the Travel pages have been updated with info from TELP member Spark. It should be complete now.

March 13th, 2000 [by Caspar] :
    A lot of stuff has been going on this weekend - which is why I'm bringing you this, the second update in two days (take a deep breath, it's a long one):

    First of all, I forgot to mention yesterday that TELP member and Tavern regular Spark has been contributing heavily to the new section on Teachers, as well as to the upcoming section on Quests. Sorry, Spark, and a late happy birthday to you : )

    The Travel section is up, with info from Steve Jaqvaar (See? I told you something was coming). There are still some holes here and there, though, so feel free to enlighten us (and Steve) : ) Normally, you can access it from the Reference section.

    Did I mention that the Teachers section is up? Well, now you can access all the info from Mike Benczkowski and Spark on where to upgrade your skills. If you'd like, you're more than welcome to contribute to them by using the datasheets, mentioned yesterday.

    We've also added a page on the locations of Taverns for the Arcomage Quest. Find it in the Answers section. It includes a printable version.

    I finally got around to update the Mailbox page (sorry for taking so long, AndrewP). Keep those mails coming! : )

    A lot of you will be happy to know that Flamestrike's MM8 is now online. So is The Dark Dragon's RPG Cavern, and they have of course both been added to the Links section.

    The first online review is up! GamePower has given it the respectable score of 3 out of 4, with this closing argument:

      And that's the bottom line. Might And Magic VIII is a class act. It combines a huge land, populated by tons of monsters, and glued together with buckets of quests, entertaining combat, and deep character generation/advancement. It's fun, it's absorbing, but new? Not! It's basically the same game Might And Magic VI installed on your computer, only the tracks, drivers, and color schemes have been updated.

    The review has been added to the Links section.

    A so-called "Trainer" for MM8 has popped up. Find the file and a description of its workings over at GameGuru.

    Oh, and we passed 10,000 unique visitors today! Hooray! ; )
March 12th, 2000 [by Caspar] :
    If you think I got the game Friday, as the game dealers promised me, think again. Guess what they told me Friday? That it's going to be here Monday! Double sheesh!

    We're working very hard on the new sections. We have received some very nice stuff from Mike Benczkowski (thanks!), which has been incorporated into the upcoming pages on Teachers.

    Speaking of which, I'd like to lead your attention to the datasheets that Bones has placed on our FTP site. These Excel files are meant to help those (like Mike) who wish to help us gather information.

    Right now, you can find datasheets on Maps, Armor skills, Magic skills, Weapon skills and Miscellaneous skills (these links won't work on all machines - if you're having problems, try using this link instead).

    We would very much like for you to use these, since that enables us to easily convert the information to a publishable format. Thanks again to those who help us fill in the blanks! : )

    I mustn't forget to also mention the great stuff I'm recieving from Steve Jaqvaar. You should see some of his stuff popping up here very soon - until then, go pay him a visit.
March 8th, 2000 [by Caspar] :
    HoMM3 TSoD I think I'll move to another country before MM9 arrives. No, I *didn't* get MM8 yet, and the shops just tell me to "come back and try again Friday". Sheesh!

    Anyway, on to the news: We've added a lot of new Links! Check out Advent of the Destroyer, Axelrod's Unofficial MM8 page, The Tower of Dreams and Your Own Gaming Network MM8 FAQ.

    We've added a page about Potions, made from Steve's original. Thanks, Steve. : ) Oh, and talking about our friend Steve Jaqvaar, I should mention that he has made a major update to his site - go take a look. Nice stuff.

    In case you were wondering what the image of the HoMM3 Expansion Pack II-package was doing here, I just saw on the 3DO site that it'll be shipping late March. You can order it from 3DO's Online Store by clicking here. It is, after all, Might and Magic related. Right? ; )

March 5th, 2000 [by Caspar] :
    Have you noticed the four new sections in the top menu? They are Answers, Reference, Maps and Analysis. We thought we'd give an idea of where this site is headed, and what kind of info you will be able to find here in the future.

    And just as soon as we made a Maps section, Steve Jaqvaar posted a nice pic of Jadame in the Tavern! Great! It was added to the section immediately.

    We've stumbled upon a couple of new MM8 sites, Destroyed Domain and Lord Gezaboo's MM8 Lair, which have both been added to the Links section.
March 4th, 2000 [by Caspar] :
    Have you seen this before? The game is out in the U.S., and it seems it will be appearing during the next couple of weeks throughout the world. I still haven't got my copy (went to three different stores today, no luck), but luckily some other TELP'ers do.

    Speaking of TELP'ers, Tennessee Ernie Ford - who once again will be sharing his talent with us - has put up a MM8 page! Go pay TEFs Guide to Jadame a visit! You'll find both a list of starting skill choices and maximum skills in professions. Great stuff! : )

    On March 2nd 3DO put out this press release on the release of MM8.

    We've seen a lot of first impressions being posted these last couple of days, a lot of which have focused on the game's graphics. Our friends at Blinkingdot have this to say:

      Well, it hasn't changed comp to pts 6 & 7. But there's no medieval fantasy setting on this first island yet: Carribean plants, Lizards and pirates, and all shown in ... ugh ... really ugly grafx. Don't get me wrong, it's better than in part 7, but after you got used to the looks of Ultima 9 or the upcoming Vampire, it was about time for 3DO to use a new engine for part 9 - even 3DO's own 'Crusaders of Might & Magic' used a nicer looking engine.

    There's a review of the Arcomage standalone game at GameOver. It recieves the rather unflattering rating of 35%.

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