• February 29th, 2000 [by Caspar] :
    Ahhh...the box Today 3DO's online store alledgedly has begun shipping MM8 to US and Canadian customers who preordered the game through 3DO's own site. The rest of the world (that includes yours truly) will have to wait just a little bit longer - we will have to be content knowing that it's finally on its way ; ).

    A fellow Dane, Sψren of Danish CRPG site "RollespilCentralen", reports that they have launched their dual languaged Unofficial MM8 site - available in both Danish and English versions. The Links page has been updated accordingly.

    Talking of the Links page, you may want to know that I've made a directory structure to reflect all the sections at the top menu. Thus, you can now gain access directly to a section (and keep the top menu) by putting the name of the section after "http://telp.org/mm8". Like this: http://telp.org/mm8/links, http://telp.org/mm8/faq etc. Clever, eh? ; )

    Lastly, I was wondering: What's the deal with Zoop not announcing that MM8 has gone gold? Gonegold.com reports that MM8 went gold last Friday - and not a peep from Zoop! He must have been really busy or...?
• February 27th, 2000 [by Caspar] :
    We've had lots more visitors these last few days than we're used to - undoubtedly our hosting of the MM8 Movie is responsible. Whatever the reason, it's always nice to have people come by ; )

    Visit GWF's MM8 site Our friend Steve has announced that the GWF MM8 FAQ (how's that for abbreviations ; )) will stay up, and that he plans to make it a "real" fansite with maps and tips and all. He's already got some good info on races/classes of player characters, so go pay it a visit.

    BTW, if you have problems downloading the movie, you might want to try clicking this link, and dragging and dropping the file into your Windows Explorer - assuming you're one of the 95.96 percent of our visitors who are running Windows, of course ; ).
• February 25th, 2000 [by Caspar] :
    Check out the MM8 trailer! In case you haven't noticed, we have a real treat for you today: The MM8 trailer movie! We're fortunate enough to be the first site on the web to have it available for download - all thanks to the kindness of MM8 Producer Peter "Zoop" Ryu. Needless to say, we're very happy to be able to present it to you! The movie is 1 min 11 seconds long, weighs in at 14.7 MB and is a *joy* to behold. ; )

    Compared to this, the other newsbits seem kinda minor - but here they are nonetheless:

    Desslock has turned out a very comprehensive preview over at Gamespot. The Screens section has been updated accordingly.

    Sharazad, who runs Storymill.com, reports that her webhost has accidently deleted her pages - until that get's solved, get your fix of fiction here.

    3DO's Official MM8 page has got a new layout - but the info there is almost unchanged.

    And finally, if you're in the mood for a bit of humour, you may want to check out this picture, posted at the 3DO Community by Kaptain Caveman, who is surprised that it seems you can play the Dark Side in MM8 ; )
• February 22nd, 2000 [by Caspar] :
    Electronics Boutique's online alter ego, EBWorld, reports that MM8 has indeed gone gold, and that it will be "coming on 3/1/00"! See? It says so! Even though Zoop has yet to confirm the "gold" status, it seems likely that the game is on it's way to be copied - if they're going to meet their own announced release date, Feb. 29th (mentioned below).

    A number of non-US residents may be wondering when it'll hit their particular shore. Even though there has been rumors that 3DO has been targetting a common, world wide release date, at this point it looks like you'll still have to keep in touch with your local games dealer - if you want to be sure to get a hold of it a.s.a.p. (and who doesn't? ; )).

    Thanks to Greate Pier for the heads up! : )
• February 20th, 2000 [by Caspar] :
    3DO's online store takes the top spot again. It has changed the release date to February 29th! Woo-double-hoo! : D

    The previews keep popping up, the latest coming from Gamespot. Their CRPG-guy, Desslock, has visited the NWC offices, and offers a short report on the game. Thanks to Jostein for the heads up. The Screens and Links has been updated accordingly.

    We're happy to say that the Mailbox section is functional! Go give our Postmaster something to do! : )
• February 15th, 2000 [by Caspar] :
    I won't bore you with how busy I've been. Nope, I'll spare you. Let's look at all the good news instead (there's lots):

    3DO's online store now states that MM8 will be "Shipping Early March"! Woohoo!

    There's a new preview up at Gamecenter.com, which contains some awesome new screenshots, but not much new information. Thanks to Frederick the Wizard for the heads up.
    Talking of screenshots, you'll notice that we've divided the section to make it more accessible.

    TELP member Sharazad has posted a piece of MM8 fiction on her website, Storymill. The story is called "The Oracle's Champion", and is definitely worth checking out.

    We've added a homemade banner to the front page that will take you directly to a page at Chips and Bits where you can order MM8. As with MM7, we'll use any revenues we get from this ($2-3 per game) to buy prizes for contests held here. We won't just pocket the money. Promise.

    Last but definitely not least we're very proud to announce that AndrewP has joined TELP, and will be in charge of the new Mailbox section! Go check it out! : )
• February 6th, 2000 [by Caspar] :
    It should come as no surprise that I've been caught up pretty bad by RL stuff this last week. I haven't been near a PC for 4-5 days in row, which is rather unusual...

    On with the news: IGNPC has put up a new preview of MM8, containing some good info and screenshots (these have been added to the Screens section, of course). They've been talking to the infamous JVC, and the game's lead designer, Bryan Farina. They're actually saying that the game is as good as done, so it might hit the shelves before we know it! Go read for yourself!

    My good friend Steve Jaqvaar has announced in our Tavern that The Guild of the Wooden Flute's MM8 FAQ has been moved to a new URL. The Links page has updated accordingly.

    Lastly, you'll notice that I've split the news section in multiple pages, just like on Free Erathia. The list was definitely getting too big.
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