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The Tavern is of course our messageboard, a place where you can ask and answer whatever questions may arise regarding MM8. There are some basic rules we'd like you to follow:
    1. No spamming, flaming or profanity. Remember that people of all ages and backgrounds come to this place, and we want it to be a good experience for everybody.

    2. No discussion of illegal copies, "warez" versions and the like. Discuss savegame editors all you like, but we're against software piracy. Period.

    3. Please remember to always overwrite out the "Subject" field when replying to an existing message. Keep short answers or questions in the "Subject" field alone - add "(n/t)" (meaning "no text") at the end, and a symbolic sign (like "." in the "Message" field.

    4. As a partial exception to this rule, try to avoid putting spoilers in the "Subject" field. They should always go in the "Message" field, so as to avoid spoiling it for those who may wish not to be spoiled.

    5. Please do not post in all CAPS. It is considered shouting, and rude.
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