Due to time constraints, we have decided not to post our own maps - not right now, at least. Instead, we'll try and point you in the right direction by linking directly to other fine MM8 map-makers.

Please note that the Region of Vori cannot be visited in any M&M RPG and that any maps of Vori are part of a hoax.

All areas covered in our friend Steve's unique style. Check them out.
The K-Files'
Good maps of all nine regions and selected dungeons. Includes maps of the Planes of Air and Fire.
*Huge* maps of selected areas and dungeons. He even offers to print and send them to you for a small fee.
Very thorough cross-referenced maps of areas and dungeons. All very
"Flamestrikish" (beware the spoilers).
The Tower of Dreams'
Very nice maps of most areas and their dungeons.
L.M.M.'s MM8 site's
Very nice work from the crazy LMM gang. Check it out.
Advent of the Destroyer's
Cool maps of some of the first areas and their dungeons.
Thorongil's MM8's
Our friend Strider has started adding some nicely referenced maps.
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