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Old-timer now a newbie
06/22/2019, 20:36:38

    The Elf Herself writes:

    I copped out and started playing MM6 in Steam, where it's an extra feature of MM10. Unfortunately, while I still have all my hand-drawn maps and even a few of my progress charts (with characters named Finland's Crazy Bear, Peter2, Greate Pier, Fruit Fly, Flamestryke, and Ribanna, *big sigh,*) I gave away the original games (with their manuals. I still have the game disks, though, having bought the big, bundled CD's of games 6 through 8 on sale, at about the turn of the millennium. Then I didn't need the manuals, having memorized how to do almost anything in the games. But alas, I've forgotten meanwhile. With a little patience and experimentation, I figured out how to use spell books and cast spells, but some interactions escape me. I know how to set up a quick spell, but how do you cast it? I've tried all the tricks I can think of, but I still can't cast the spell that's highlighted as quick. I end up having to click on it from the book, then cast it the long way, while the goblins cut my poor, inexperienced crew to ribbons.
    Another thing is leaping. IIRC, once you have the flying skill, you simply cast it, and use the page up/page down keys for navigation. But leaping doesn't have an obvious trigger. (I'm trying to get into the New World Computing headquarters, so I can deal with Jon van Canegham and Trip What's-His-Name, and get all the freebies therein. I know where the magic spot is on that particular eave on that particular building. Another thing: my archer has a crossbow on his back and a dagger in his hand. How do I have him use the right one? 'Tis a puzzlement.

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