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MM7 (sigh)
06/26/2019, 12:31:12

    The Elf Herself writes:

    I purely loved MM7, maybe even more than 6. And yes, I do remember a lot of how it went. I still have all my hand-drawn maps, indicating which barrow teleported you to whatever other barrow. You could again go to NWC Headquarters and thwart JVC, but it wasn't nearly as rewarding as the one in MM6. (And I never could master Dark Magic.)

    I read letters posted in this site (I guess there's still problems with the MM7 site,) saying that the game is too hard. I remember there are certain tricks to getting started and earning quick cash, but I can't remember them all. Only once was I able to pull off the "beginning party vs. dragon" trick, which can give some really good loot right off the bat. The other times I tried, I gave up after 6 or so fatal outcomes! Yes, those dragonflies (or whatever they're called) are a pain, but there's a trick to managing them, too, which also gains you quite a bit of gold, for a beginner.

    I actually liked MM8 more than did my fellow TELPers. (Probably because I finally got to play an Elf, albeit Dark.)
    We all liked the tribute that New World Computing gave to well-known, fallen people who had spent a lot of time and energy helping other players, but who were now gone. Flamestryke was one. Lord Brinne was another. He was also honored in Bethesda's Morrowind by having a powerful ring named after him. There were a lot of "Easter eggs" in 8, such as treasures hidden in certain trees. And when we brought home a "jade" dragon figurine from China, I immediately named it "Ithilgore."

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