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Can I play the "age card"?
06/25/2019, 01:15:48

    The Elf Herself writes:

    At my age, I'm astounded daily about things I thought I remembered differently. (My doctor agrees with me though: as long as I'm able to laugh at myself, I'm okay.)

    I remember MM6 as being slightly difficult, but not too. Whoa! I've died at least six times since I started playing two days ago. This game is actually tough! (However, I did correctly remember the location of that Fly spell scroll, and was able to open the gates in Goblinwatch without reading the hidden scroll. Now I'm trying to remember which corner of the dungeon had the hidden suit of armor.)

    True to form, I'm on my fourth party of adventurers in two days. Every RPG I've ever played, I start and restart numerous times, trying for j-u-u-u-st that perfect combination of characters. Knight or Paladin? Druid, Cleric, Sorcerer, Archer--which ones? Can't hire them all!

    In short, I'm having a blast playing one of my old favorites. It has all the things I've always loved in RPG's: a touch of humor, puzzles to solve (with hints, if you hunt for them diligently,) and lots of loot in unexpected places.

    (And no, you can't use GrayFace in Steam.)

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