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I have several m&m game bundles and they install PDF versions of the manuals.
06/24/2019, 05:30:22

    ragwort writes:

    Original individual games probably only had printed manuals (only original single game I have is mm6 v1.0.) I just did a clean upgrade to Win 10 Pro v1903 on my old desktop. Games (mm6 v1.0, v1.1, v1.2, Mok's and various Grayface patches are installed on external USB drive so no reloading required. When I tried to run under new Win 10 several (non-grayface) versions got a DDraw failure. Setting compat of mm6.exe to Win 7 got them running. Win 10 also stretched original 640x480 to full width and height on 16:9 display. I noticed that Grayface has new 2.3.1 patch versions for mm6, mm7 & mm8 which offer many features I enjoy. W/ exception of original mm6 v1.0, which has several amusing features.

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