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Thank you, Ramillies and Ragwort!
06/24/2019, 13:02:54

    The Elf Herself writes:

    IIRC, you have to leap up to touch the brick on the eave behind the tree to get to the NWC Headquarters.

    Is there a quick save at all? (The usual RPG F5 or F8 don't do anything, so I assume that F9 won't, either.)

    One thing bothers me. I seem to remember (perhaps falsely?) that turn-based combat was automatic, and that you had to press a key for free-for-all combat. Now it seems you have to press "enter" for turn-based. (Steam has a very bad habit of changing things in games "from outside." Case in point: if you're also an Elder Scrolls fan, Steam's Oblivion in Win10 makes it impossible to progress in the Fighter's Guild quests, beyond about the first two.)

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