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Hi, I'm starting a sorc + druid party.
05/14/2016, 07:34:03

    Sudo writes:

    This is the first time I'm posting here (well, I did respond to Peter2 today), but I've known about it for a long time.

    As I think that not having a healer would be too annoying, so I have a druid, which will be casting some elemental spells as well.

    I made a speedrunning party the last time I played, thinking I might upload it to Youtube. But I didn't play often and lost focus. And you need focus for a speedrun.
    In my speedrun, I got the best bows from Dragonsand right off the bat, or two of them, and supplemented with two other in Frozen Highlands (using the trick of saving right before the shop, and reloading).
    This way I could do some of the higher level low-level quests, to get gold and exp.

    Anyways, for this party, I will just see how it goes, sort of... just enjoying the game.
    This is the first time not playing a full party, and I've replayed this game every year since a decade ago, or something like that.

    I hope it will work out...

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