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Update #3 (the one above being update #2)
05/29/2016, 06:04:38

    Sudo writes:

    Damn. I did two long sessions of completing lots of quests, and I can hardly remember what I did, as I didn't feel much interesting happened.
    But I'm pretty sure after getting my druid promoted, I went to the other Silver Helm castle on Mist, after getting a gate master in Silver Cove.
    So I pretty much blew through it, and then I completed the stable fixing quest. Which is easy enough, as you just have to travel. And it lowers your reputation, so it should be done as early as possible, if you need light magic mastery. Though you should probably get dark magic mastery before that (as that requires the worst reputation tier).

    Oh, another interesting thing about this playthrough was getting promoted to Archmage very early, to get TP and Lloyd's Beacon early, for my druid.

    My memory is too fuzzy about the ordering of it all, so I can't narrate it properly.
    So I will just summarize it for you: it wasn't that difficult. I just had to rest more often, and get through dungeons at a slower pace.
    But I guess the challenge is ahead, as I've started the hunt for memory crystals. I've already turned in the one from Castle Kriegspear. And I am afraid of every single other castle I have to enter, with just two spell-casters.
    But I will make an attempt for the Supreme Temple of Baa now!

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