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Not too late I'm the one who's late ^^ +update
07/04/2016, 06:16:22

    Sudo writes:

    I got through The Tomb of Varn easier than I thought.

    Getting into the big room where you enter the codes was the most painful / slow progress. As you have to kill the ones at the "back entrance" to have any chance entering the codes.
    This of course involving a lot of Lloyd's Beaconing back and forth. It would really just be painful to play as a solo knight at the later parts, even with two Gate Master peasants.
    But I wouldn't exclude playing as a solo Druid or Sorcerer.

    I could certainly do Varn faster if I did it again. But I will probably forget about it by the next playthrough -- which is all good ^^

    Now it's just getting the scroll of containment or whatever, and going to the Hive.

    Cheers for your helpfulness

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