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Druid has all the clerical magic, so I won't be missing spells. (+update here)
05/16/2016, 14:50:48

    Sudo writes:

    I got the best bows you can get from Castle Ironfist, and got air magic up to 4 for both characters shortly after, so I have something to deal damage in close range using sparks. Sparks is also over-powered, as you can just back away and keep casting it. And I've played quite a few S+S+S+D parties, with just using sparks.
    But with just two characters that is probably not good enough, and I have to use more powerful spells.

    At the moment I'm short on money all of the time, as I can't just blow though a lot of low-mid-level quests.
    And I'm starting to see how very much more challenging a 1-party playthrough would be ^^
    If I had played with just one character, I'd most likely "cheat" a bit by going to NWC dungeon for the gold.

    Though I'm very satisfied with the items I've found.

    I'm in Silver Cove at the moment, and could kill a Master Sworsman with just sparks. So I guess I'm ready for the temple of Baa in Castle Ironfist.
    Though I will probably take the Shadowguild Hideout first.

    I'm using a duper and a banker as followers, and have merchant expert (level 4), so I should be able to escape poverty soon ^^
    I'm currently level 7.
    More updates to come

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