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05/17/2016, 16:21:08

    Sudo writes:

    So, from the last update, I decided to stay in Silver Cove and take care of the Silver Helms, as I saw I could kill the Master Swordsmen. So I ran back and forth, resting outside, which was a good way of waiting till the spring equinox (druid promotion).
    And I did better than I thought!
    All with sparks, and some arrows thrown into the poor stun-locked enemies. ^^
    Yes, getting monsters completely stunned is possible with just two characters with sparks, if you have enough speed, and just time the sparks evenly.

    Of course I couldn't clean the castle, as the wizards that spawn after opening some chest (or door?) are immune to air.

    Then I got the promotion, and exchanged my duper for a gate master back in town, and got to Mist. Where I picked up the Wizard promotion quest, and pretty easily got the enemies list from the Silver Helm Outpost.

    Now I'm in Castle Ironfist, just having trained up to level 14 in New Sorpigal, hiring a new duper of course, as I won't be needing a gate master for the quests that awaits in Castle Ironfist.

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