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solo Sorcerer - begining of a journey
01/31/2016, 02:10:31

    Jack writes:

    I just started a solo Sorc encouraged by my solo sorc in mm7 who just finished the game.

    this time it is this blond chic with golden circlet - my 4 year old daughter pick

    To cut a long story short:
    - I disposed of the 3 members of the team
    - later hit the NWC dungeon for 10k gp and inferno book along with some other items and a little gold
    - i noticed i dont have to fly to get there - looking all the way up jumping and clicking spacebar works just fine
    - i also clicked on the obelisk there for the +20 to all atributes - at the very begining a noticeable increase in hp and sp
    - hired Gate and Wind Master in New sorpigal
    - collected some of the horseshoes
    - completed 3 quests:
    1. Delivered letter to Portbelo
    2. Delivered letter to lord in new castle
    3. Cavalier promo
    - got some other skills: bb, learning , meditation, id item, perception etc.

    The plan is now: do wizard promo, carpenter and stone cutter staff and price fixing for Loretta and maybe druid promo - all with fly and some luck

    Btw, do u guys have any exp with solo toons in mm6 and maybe some tips u could share with me?

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