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Just hit clvl 14 and finally trained
01/31/2016, 14:07:43

    Jack writes:

    So, with all skillpoints from horseshoes and finding Nicolai I was able to get to clvl 14 and:
    - master water
    - expert air
    - expert learning (I like to getas much ex from the very beginning)
    - master dark - just went on a peasantkilling spreein bootlegbay and donated my rep back to respectable at NS temple. Although getting master dark took me about 10 minutes and lots of reloads.

    I also hired Spellmasterand Mystic. +7 to all skills in magic is to awesome to pass.

    I also bought day of protection and at Master Dark and +7 to all magic it is very good resistance - wise but thecost

    Now back to NewSorpigal to some basic questing or maybe I will do some missions were no killing is required.

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