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So I will have to pump Dark Master to 60 then...*rolls eyes*
02/02/2016, 08:47:53

    Jack writes:

    I finished MM7 solo Sorc at clvl 133 so I guess in MM6 it will be the same or higher so getting Dark MAster 60 should be achievable.

    Btw, is there a limit on how far I can pump a skill?

    In mm7 it is 60. No higher.

    I will also pump learnig - already got Master10 + Instructor so 3 - 4 dragons = 1 lvl

    I will see how it goes with levels later and maybe pump Learning hgher. I always go high on solo toons that can have high mastery of learingn.

    Btw, How much should I pump Light MAgic? It doesnt seem very useful...

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