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"of power " items
02/02/2016, 12:09:28

    Jack writes:

    I have noticed SP and HP seem to be most important for me so good there is meditation and bodybuilding but bodybuilding somehow violates my idea of a typical spellcaster but going solo im not self - imposing any further restrictions.

    Anyway, I have already hoarded 4 items "of power", that is: crosbow, leather, shoes and gloves. Cool

    I also have: Odin crown, Hera and Morgan necklaces (although later Morgan will become obsolete as I will use Dark exclusively), guinevere and dark magic ring, and pendragon cloak for disarming but maybe later I will also ditch this for of power or of HP cloak if I find one. And Merlin staff for 40 sp bonus but maybe I will get of power as with my previous party I had staff of power.

    Maybe you have some item suggestions for endgame?

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