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able to train to clvl 12
01/31/2016, 07:20:53

    Jack writes:

    I did the price fixing, priest 1st promo and wizard promo and atm can train to clvl 12

    No fighting, just killed a few goblins back in NS and a few low level scam aroung lord newton palace with RoF in TBC and flying up and down

    Basically, I delay direct killing monsters until I get max learning - this is what I always do.

    And I will skip all skills and get Master Water first of all. Other staff later on as, as u pointed out, only master water can really save my back in tight situations.

    Then maybe 2nd wizard promo, master air, expert fire and hire Spell MAster and Mystic for a +7total to all magic. Or maybe Instructor + spell master for additional exp. But I am moreinclined toward fire power!

    Already got some skill points from horseshoes so training to clvl migh be enough to get master water - I will see after dinner

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