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03/25/2021, 17:06:11

    siimuel writes:

    Well It is sad to see the game end up like that.
    Sure, I do agree that this game has never had a huge following and that it has a rather insufficient game engine to say the least.

    I just have a feeling that if people knew or were informed on how this game engine works and how to modify anything in the game, then there would be a larger community who would want to even start working on the game.
    I have searched many old old posts (from 2006 - 2008 or something like that) in different forums talking about wanting to modify the game. But I belive that the biggest problem is/was the fact that the majority of the people werent informed properly how to do any modifications for this game. All that I learned was that you can use Dedit to do any form of modifications, but there were barely any videos or information on how to use it.
    And yes, this game may have questionable graphics for some, but I think thats not the issue. I belive that if this game was any good in the first place, then people wouldve look through that. And lets not forget to mention that 3DO rushed this game because they were basically bankrupt. Imagine if they actually got the whole game done. I really belive that they wouldve put their time and effort into textures, sprites, graphics, gameplay etc until it all works or looks good.

    I could write more on what this game could be, but I think you get it. I belive that It would all still be possible somehow. But again, I am not a programmer, nor do I know anything about lithtech or its engine. Ive seen people in different forums talking about renewing this game, but no one is doing it.
    I really belive that the devoted Might and Magic fans would like to see this game in its light. This game was quite poorly made, I know. But I swear down, If the company was never bankrupt or rushing the game, people would have a different and a better view on it. There are hundreds of games, that are lanky and underdeveloped. But Might and magic games have always had, in my opinion, proper thought and development putten into it, except for this game unfortunately.
    I belive that MM9 is the first game ive ever played. When I was really young, I was amazed by its graphics and gameplay. This is also the reason why I love this game so much, it is so incredibly nostalgic to me. Now that I am older, I feel like this game is supposed to have much more than this. I would do a lot to get this game to be in its true, complete form. But to be realistic, it is possible, but its extremely unlikely. I think the only way to get started is to actually first advertise the idea of updating the game to a wider audience (preferably MM fans), and either figure out or teach other people how to use Dedit or any form of modification tool for MM9. But again, I am not a programmer nor do I know much about Dedit, or lithtechs engine.

    ps: Sorry if I have grammatical errors, I am not a native english speaker

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