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MM9 is a long way from being my favourite Might and Magic RPG, but it still had some very good areas
03/30/2021, 05:58:50

    Peter2 writes:

    I thought that the combat engine in MM9 was excellent. It showed up superbly in the Chasm of the Dead, in Drangheim. In my opinion, this dungeon is best suited to a party of about level 2025, but it is doable with enjoyment for a party anywhere between level 11 and level 35. That's rare for a game which does not adjust the levels of its monsters to respond to increasing party levels which I always thought was a cheat. (It was always one of the reasons I was less keen on the Wizardry series than on M&M).

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Lich Lab as well, but there were a couple of flaws in that area that niggled me a bit.

    And there's no necessity to apologise for your English, it's fine . We understand what you're saying and that's everything we need

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