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You are correct in many ways...
03/24/2021, 20:26:52

    Bones writes:

    Our small team gave up working on a patch with new content many years ago. At least we managed to make the game playable. Ubisoft included our patch on its version.

    But in the end the game didn't have a sufficient following to put in additional work. There were two problems. First, the game was rushed out while 3DO was in its death throes. Second, the Lithtech engine, although advanced for its time, did not provide a sufficiently better experience than the preceding sprite graphics -- and it was quickly being outdone by other 3D engines.

    All that being said, Tim Lang (lead designer for MM9) has his own game studio now and has been working on a single-player party-based computer RPG called Aeolwyn's Legacy (link below) that has a lot of promise. Download the demo and consider joining the Discord channel.


    Related link: Aoeolwyn's Legacy at Dungeonbyte Softworks

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