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Very briefly
04/01/2021, 20:34:43

    Ossie writes:

    I bought Wiz6 & Wiz7 from GOG, and started to play each, but the turn and tile-based nature now just annoys me - I've been completely spoiled by the modern real-time open world systems, starting with MM6. Same with the earlier MM games - I played MM2 through completely, before I discovered MM6, but since then, I just don't enjoy those earlier styles any more. The idea that you don't even know you're standing on top of the city entrance tile unless you're specifically facing south etc........ugh. No!

    Unless I'm going for a full retro nostalgia hit - I played Pool Of Radiance a little while ago, but that was more to complete something I never finished at the time.

    I'm now playing the Baldur's Gate series in prep for BG3, which is supposed to drop later this year

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