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TELP and Might & Magic Nostalgia
10/03/2019, 09:42:41

    Robbie writes:

    Hi all,

    I don't remember my old username and am sure no one would remember me, but I used to play the Might and Magic series in high school (2005-2009). For some reason, I was feeling nostalgic recently and wanted to see if TELP was still around -- very happy to see that you are still at it and going strong!

    While I tried a few other RPGs and MMORPG games since that time, none of them honestly captured the feeling of MM4/5, MM6, and MM7. The Might and Magic games are just so rich, even if the series as a whole doesn't seem to be discussed a whole lot anymore, unfortunately (it rarely shows up in discussions compared to Final Fantasy, Ultima, etc.).

    Some of my love for the game probably has to do with the party system that MM has. A lot of MMOs are single-character only. This always seems cool at the beginning, since you can see the world from a single character's view, but I end up never enjoying it like the party character system. I might want to start the game as a sorcerer, restart and try as a paladin, etc ... and never get far.

    The music in the series is incredible too. I remember having a savegame in MM7's "Deyja" region just so I could go back and hear the beautiful cello music before I realized that they were playable on the CD. Hearing some of the MM6 tracks brings a tear to my eye today too -- like the "Adventuring Town Exploration 2" or "Sunlit Snow Journey." The MIDI tracks in MM3/4/5 are wonderful too and are still stuck in my head to this day.

    Thank you to the group for telling me about the power of the sorcerer / cleric class in MM6. My usual Knight-Knight-Cleric-Sorcerer was awesome for its time, and before I tried it, I couldn't believe how an all sorcerer / cleric party would do well at all. It was definitely tough in the early parts of the game (Goblins, Baa, Headhunters), but 4x Shrapmetal against even a dragon was unbelievable. A far cry from my first 4x Archer party -- me as a 13 year old must have thought that I needed the archers to use any bows ; )

    Forget where the legend started, but there were a few posts here about a secret New Sorpigal quest involving a White Goblin, a flute, and an exploding volcano. You guys made me crazy to find those secrets in the game and I didn't want to believe it was a hoax (or was it???)!

    It's scary to look back on now, but a friend and I even made a fan-site for the "Barkman" character from MM5. Barkman is pretty memorable and a damned tough fight. I still don't understand why Barkman is lava and gold-colored, with no bark at all.

    TL;DR, thanks for allowing me some nostalgia time : )

    Besides continuing to play the Might and Magic series, have any of you found any other fantasy / RPG games that have a similar feel or magic that MM has? I would love to hear any recommendations. I probably stopped playing MM after I moved and didn't have the same computer or discs, but I really enjoyed the Exile 1/2/3 series by Spiderweb software (also party-based but top-down view) and would recommend that to anyone as well.

    P.S. Crusaders of Might and Magic is one of the most underrated gems of the past 20 years.

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