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Also back in the day . . .
10/16/2019, 06:26:32

    Peter2 writes:

    . . . I think my favourite, after the Might & Magic and Eye of the Beholder series, was Ultima Underworld 2. I thought the first three levels, (Britannia, Killorn Keep, and the Ice Caves) were excellent, as were levels 5, 6 & 7 (Scintillus Academy, the Pits of Carnage, and the Tomb of Praecor Loth). I didn't enjoy level 4 (Talorus) or level 8 (The Ethereal Void) as much, though. Also, it had (for me) the disadvantage that you were playing a single character rather thatn a party.

    Of the available characters, I found the one that suited my style of play best was the Paladin, and worst was the Archer – Stålhand please note!

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