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Thanks Bones!
10/03/2019, 19:07:04

    Robbie writes:

    I rambled a lot but I remember your name for sure and glad you are still here. I guess Star Trekís Bones makes it hard to forget ; )

    Thanks for the recommendation there. Aeolwynís Legacy looks like a very nicely updated MM6 with its own twist, I will have to follow his work more. Project 2137 looks really cool too even if it isnít the fantasy realm.

    Thanks also for the Wiz7 and 8 recommendation. They look a lot like MM4/5 and 6 respectively ... just looking now, it is funny to see how some people compare the two series. Not everyone loves the combo of fantasy and sci-fi in both. I will admit the sci-fi elements in M&M could come out of left field, but I really warmed up to them.

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