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As Bones said, "Welcome back!"
10/04/2019, 12:54:28

    Peter2 writes:

    The White Goblin! That was part of a very long-running leg-pull, and it was one of the reasons I spent most of a day many years ago, poring through the MM6 data files with a hex editor. Needless to say, there was nothing relevant there. I must confess that after completing Eric von Stromgard's quest to inactivate the Dragon Towers, I did fly up and inspect the tops of the Towers to see if there was anything up there. I was ridiculously disappointed to find that the door I found at the top of the ruined Dragon Tower in Kriegspire would not open

    There were two old DOS games that I thoroughly enjoyed. One was "Eye of the Beholder", and the other was its sequel, "The Legend of Darkmoon". The latter was the only game I rated to be nearly as good as its contemporary, Might & Magic III, but it suffered from the major disadvantage that it lacked replayability. I found that you could play it once to learn the game, play it again with your preferred party, play it a couple more times to explore the pros and cons of the other NPCs, and get enjoyment out of it each time, but that was just about it. If you found a +3 sword in the first game, you would find the identical +3 sword in the same place in all subsequent games. But the first couple of times you played it through it was superb. (There was a third game in the series, "Assault on Myth Drannor", but somehow it lacked the spark that lit up the first two.) Contrast this with MM3, and the excitement I felt when in one game, one of the hoards in Dragon Cavern presented me with an Acidic Obsidian Longsword, which was probably the finest weapon the game ever gave me. The EOB games did however have the advantage that you could transfer the PCs in your party from one game to the next, complete with all their equipment! I remember that the +5 halberd that I found in EOB1 came in very handy in whaling the tar out of Dran Draggore in EOB2!

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