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I have around 30 mm6 game folders on external and backup hard drives. They all ran under win7. I recently upgraded to win10 v1903 and following has gotten them running...
07/01/2019, 15:11:25

    ragwort writes:

    Sometimes I get a DDraw error and sometimes a message saying to reload.

    First try
    1) right click mm6.exe
    2) at top left click "Run as administrator."

    Second try
    1) right click mm6.exe
    2) at bottom left click "Properties."
    3) at top left click "Compatibility."
    4) left click "Run this program in compatibilty mode." (Try default win XP.)
    5) left click "Apply" and then "OK."
    6) left click mm6.exe.

    First run requires watching entire start up movie. Once it starts running I generally shutdown and restart my computer to make sure game still starts.

    If these don't work drop me an email w/ your phone number (I'm in Oregon) and I'll email my number back to you. If you get my answering machine just leave message. I don't answer phone numbers I don't recognize.

    I haven't tried getting any of my mm7 folders running yet but expect same will work on 6-8.

    I play using Grayface's patches for many good reasons (windowing, quickloads, quicksaves) but mainly because I love trying different things (cheating) in single player computer games.

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