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Progress report (sort of)
07/01/2019, 13:13:14

    The Elf Herself writes:

    Since so many of you have said you were able to install the old games (MM's 6 thru 9) in Windows 10, I thought I'd give it another go. As I've said before, my computer wouldn't recognize the disks' existence, hence wouldn't install them. That was in Windows 7. I assumed that they also wouldn't work in Win 10, since it was even more advanced. But this morning I got out my old Might & Magic Millennium Edition 6-disk bundle pack. I'd already given my sister the old single-box versions, complete with manuals. I didn't give her any paper maps, either commercial or hand-drawn, nor did I give her the Prima Guides. (For you youngsters, Prima Guides were 1+ inch [2 to 4 cm.] thick books with tips on character creation, lists of monsters and spells, and maps for various games. They used to cost about $20 US for a $30 US game. There were no games forums, message boards, wikis, or other means of getting you over that puzzle or monster you just couldn't seem to tackle! There were only a few hints in a very few monthly gaming magazines, and Shay Addams' monthly "Questbusters" pamphlets. One hint-giver, Scorpia, whose monthly column appeared in the long-dead "Computer Gaming World Magazine," was immortalized as a monster in MM3.)
    So out of curiosity, I put the Millennium disks, one by one, into the drive. To my surprise, they installed!

    So now the dilemma: I've got MM6 and 7 installed on my 'puter, but I can't play them. (MM's 4, 5, and Xeen just wouldn't install at all, but I didn't really expect them to.)
    What do I need to do? I know there are patches and work-arounds out there, but I don't know what all of them are. I'd really, really like to play MM6 outside of Steam, the online service you love to hate, and hate to love. Thank you. (And a free keg of Elf Ale for all you helpers!)

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