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MM6 and Oregon
07/01/2019, 20:33:46

    The Elf Herself writes:

    I took your suggestion, and am now playing with you as a cleric, Ramillies as Paladin, Peter2 as archer, and me as Sorcerer. I've leveled us all up to 3 (but we're still in New Sorpigal two weeks after "birth.") (Chlala was originally archer, but she doesn't seem to hang out in the Tavern much anymore, so Peter2 won out.) The game did crash once, but not to desktop--the action just froze. After playing a lot in Steam, I'm used to it.

    Papa Elf's late parents moved from L. A. to Brownsville, then Albany, so we visited them from time to time. (Not Texas and New York, silly--Willamette Valley!) After that, we used to go to Grant's Pass every year for an outdoor silhouette pistol match. You people really have some righteous brews up there--love those Cascade hops!

    Now my problem is, how do I toggle run/walk? In Steam it's done with the Caps Lock key, but that doesn't work here. Thank you again for your help, and here's that Elf Ale I promised!

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