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Just tested and running only occurs when shift held down in mm6 v1.0, v1.1 and v1.2, no caps lock run. Mok's patch...
07/01/2019, 21:59:43

    ragwort writes:

    revised mm6(exe) to allow new mm6(ini) file w/ AlwaysRun=1, FlipOnExit=0 and LoudMusic=0 options which must be version GOG and Steam use.

    If you're going to patch I recommend you browse for "Grayface", go to Sergey's site and download his new mm6 2.3.1 patch.

    Rather than patch your current game folder, rename your current game folder to MM6-1.2, create new MM6-2.3.1 folder, copy entire contents of MM6-1.2 into MM6-2.3.1 then run 2.3.1 patch in MM6-2.3.1 folder.

    There will be a patch readme txt file that you can read to begun to understand the possibilities. You can also open mm6(ini) file w/ notepad and see default switches. Disc isn't required to run game but w/o disc you won't have music unless you set up music folder w/ ripped music files.

    I concur that there are a lot of great brews here but there are now great brews everywhere in the country (w/ possible exception of Missouri, home of AB.)

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