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This is wonderful!
05/11/2016, 22:58:17

    Bones writes:

    That you're willing to test for us, that is. Plenty of folks come here for answers but never post. We can help a lot of folks by examining you setup.

    It's also good to know that the different versions of the game are behaving differently. Frustrating, certainly, but it gives us clues and something to work with.

    I'm I correct in presuming that you didn't try an old monitor with the GOG install?

    The problem you're having now is due to bad code in the 2D engine. That could be either mm9.exe or cshell.dll.
    It might be that someone with the right skills needs to modify cshell for Win10. Do you have mm9.exe (and lithtech.exe) set for WinXP SP3 compatibility mode?

    I have one more experiment to suggest, but first let us know if compatibility mode helps.

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