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OK Good news and bad news
05/13/2016, 20:46:48

    laudheat writes:

    I right clicked on mm9.exe. A menu popped up with "troubleshoot compatibility" as a choice. I clicked this and got another box (eventually) that said:

    settings applied to mm9
    Windows compatibility mode: Windows XP (Service Pack3)

    Did the same for lithtech.exe. After the 2nd file, I was prompted to launch the game, which I did. I was taken from the "3DO" opening advertisement (which I hit escape) then to The Main Menu.

    My mouse cursor moved better within The Main Menu. (Good news)

    I clicked on "Load Game" and waited nearly 2 minutes (Bad news)

    Two minutes really IS a long time if you're doing nothing else.

    I was FINALLY brought to the "Load Game" screen. But there were NO save games listed. Not even "Autosave"

    And I DO have a couple save games (More bad news).

    Have I just lost the old saves and need to "Start Game" again for a new start? Or is this a sign of a different problem?

    Thanx in advance for the next answer.

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