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I have returned from the desert sands
02/21/2014, 19:45:11

    Dunerider The War Troll writes:

    It has been a VERY long time since I've been on here ...

    Hopefully I'm not considered spam

    I finally decided to give Might and Magic X Legacy a try, and the first place I went to was here to see if there was a Tavern built. Sadly, there is none, but Peter2 had a link to reviews that I read. Then I decided to find a let's play video and I fell in love.

    I am past Act 1 now, but when I found a lore book talking about Lord Canegam I knew they were going to get this game right. The turn based RPG style reminds me of MM3-4, but the graphics remind me of MM8. I can't wait to get back home from work and play it again!

    I am excited to return to the tavern to share drinks with Bones, Chlala, and Peter2 if they are still here!

    The self-proclaimed expert of Might and Magic 8 is back.

    P.S. any plans on a MMX tavern?

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