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OT, and with tongue firmly in cheek
10/19/2011, 11:30:47

    The Elf Herself writes:

    Dearest friends,
    Papa Elf and I continue to improve. However, Ol' Stormy, my computer, has other ideas. It locks up for no reason except that it's using Windows7 -- what can I say? (Arch villain William Setag was well-named, IMHO.) It hates its own mouse, which periodically locks up. It will go along quite happily, sleeping when required, then go into a spate of insomnia, sleeping only when forced. Having gone through these same symptoms with one of our daughters many years ago, Papa Elf and I are faced with the inevitable conclusion: my computer has bipolar disorder.
    D'ya think lithium batteries in the mouse would help?

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