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(Off Topic) A little bad news. . .
06/29/2011, 21:56:48

    The Elf Herself writes:

    Papa Elf and I had a major car crash Sunday morning. Papa Elf was dazed and contused, but was released from the hospital emergency ward after beaucoup x-rays were taken and he was found to have no major injuries.
    I wasn't quite so lucky. I had a 2-inch gash in my scalp (took 8 stitches,) a broken scapula, a broken rib, and numerous swellings and bruises. I was released from hospital last night, and am undergoing the slow, painful process of healing (I am 74, after all.) It's better today than yesterday, though, and better now than it was this morning. Of all things, my arthritic shoulder hurts the worst. (It didn't hurt at all before the accident. Why? Who knows?)
    Thank God I was wearing my safety belt! If my restrained body sustained a 2-inch head injury, I shudder to think what my unrestrained body would have suffered! I probably would be saying hello to all the Elves who have gone before, and are at that misty island in Avonlea or wherever.
    So please, please, all of you, my beloved Tavern friends, fasten your seatbelts for even the shortest drive in a car. Your life may depend on it.


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