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That's fair comment
04/29/2021, 09:59:14

    Peter2 writes:

    I've played the game a number of times and always enjoyed it. The only thing that I thought was rather a pity was that I never found anything of any use in the NWC dungeon (or fortress, or building, or whatever . . .)

    And a hint there are a number of hidden "treasure chests" located around the game, and some of them have the potential to give you some very good treasure indeed. If you're not being attacked, it's worth while taking your time and hovering the cursor over virtually anything to see whether or not you get a reaction other than a one-word description starting with a lower-case letter

    And another hint in one location, you find a number of scrolls of Jump. Don't sell these. I found that they allowed my party to jump very slightly higher than the Jump spell did, and in one place, that made a difference between being able to reach a location and not being able to reach it. It's not essential to winning the game, but I like to go everywhere.

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