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Any tips for starting my first MM8 game?
04/19/2021, 16:08:46

    Ramillies writes:

    After winning MM6 twice and MM7 once, there comes the time for MM8. However, I have heard many complaints that the game is badly balanced because you can hire high-level characters pretty much right away, which makes the game far too easy (I also heard a wagonload of complaints about dragon characters being too overpowered.)

    So the question is: is there anything special I should do, or abstain from doing (as, for instance, hiring dragons), in order to have a good balanced first MM8 game? I'd like to strike the middle ground: making the game nor too easy, nor too difficult, so that it's interesting but not punishing.

    I also know that there is a mod for creating a whole party of five right at the beginning. Would you say it's advisable to use it for the first game, or should I let it go?

    Finally: if you would recommend me to start the game as is, with the single character, would some classes be more preferable to others? (For instance, let's say that a knight can be hired very early on; then I would probably want to make my main character something different than a knight, in order to have a nice variety.)


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