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02/24/2014, 20:28:28

    Dunerider The War Troll writes:

    Are there any patches out now?

    This game resembles MM4 SO much that it could possibly be considered a remake with new graphics and story from an uneducated (not a fanatic) point of view.

    I chose to play it differently than you I think. I finished Act 2, then I explored the ENTIRE world and even completed the obelisk quests before even trying to enter Karthal. By the time I got into Karthal I was level 24 and eating Black Guards for lunch. I suggest oregano with the Black Guards btw. It brings out the best flavors.

    Anyway, I just freed Falagar (which is another reference to MM6) and about to dive back into the game. My biggest complaint so far is that it seems the text was never checked for quality. It costs -1 gold to take a horse to Seahaven? That's not right. I have also found about two or three repeated words. That's my biggest gripe so far, and that's not much to gripe about.

    To be fair, I have a beast of a gaming computer. This thing was built to play Skyrim high graphic detail mods at Ultra settings, and Battlefield 3 will barely make this thing sweat. For the average person, this game would probably test their computer's limits.I like that though, because it means they understand the importance of graphics. It is by FAR the best looking MM game. The colors and detail are beautiful.

    I'm gonna have to start a book series with all this talking I'm doing.

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