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Still torn
02/24/2014, 05:08:29

    Ossie writes:

    I know what you mean about wanting to get home & play. There are elements of that with MMX. And nobody wants the Tavern community to enjoy the latest MM title more than me, meaning we all get more games in future. But I think that overall people should be in a position to make an informed decision, so in fairness.....

    If the game worked as intended, it would be a solid effort for a developer new to MM, with good prospects of future titles. And one day, once there have been a couple of patches to eliminate the current problems, it will probably be looked back on as such. But, in the words of Aragorn, it is not this day.

    I can see for people who were lucky enough to navigate their way through the game in the exact linear order they were lead, and didn't strike any issues, they would rate it much more highly. But I grew up from MM2 with being able to go anywhere & do anything, and if you were fool enough to stick your head in somewhere you didn't belong yet, you quickly learned! With MMX, that will ruin your entire game, along with 50+ hours of play, as pretty much ever quest seems to have an issue with doing something before you are told. At best, we were unpaid beta testers for this title which was released prematurely with way too many issues. Hence, those of us who got the game first struck problems that others were pre-warned to avoid. You would think that a publisher would want to reward its most loyal customers, not punish them.

    So by all means, once the 2nd or 3rd patch is out, go buy the game and I think you will enjoy it. The graphics are pretty nice, and there are elements of the story that will have fans of the series smiling to themselves. But until then, it's an incomplete title that will fry your GPU and waste your time discovering problems that should have been amended before release.

    It's also small - about as large as MM8 before you start visiting the elemental nodes - maybe smaller. So, unlike with previous titles where you got to max out all your main skills & still have enough to ensure your spellcasters also maxed out their weapons & armour, this game is over before any of your characters have even maxed their two or three main skills. Which doesn't do much for replayability.

    All of which leads to my final comment that, personally, there are no circumstances under which I will ever spend money on anything released by Ubisoft ever again - their useless tech "support", insistence on forcing the Uplay client on customers and rushed release of this title have irreversibly turned me off them. I know some people say that in frustration, but I mean it. How I will reconcile this with the desire to play future MM titles (if any are ever released) will remain to be seen. But in any event, I won't even bother looking at another Ubifail title until months after the initial release.

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