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10/03/2012, 13:01:43

    Doodle Moser writes:

    After some improvement, general inflammation set it.
    Surgical seam (external) got inflamed and had to be reopened.
    This, and any prolonged physical activity (walking and bending) raises body temperature.
    But this is a part that doctors are keen at and fight it successfully.
    The problem is that her heart operates correctly, but still at 30% of its capacity. Hence goes low blood pressure (90/50 mm Hg), fatigue and low moral.
    Of course, Ilona is able to walk 20 meters to medical treatment room, but this walk absolutely depletes her daily walking resources. And then only sitting and lying.
    Doctors said it will improve after physical exercise, but her cage (seam) still hurts severely, cage bones (which are not set together after surgery) thus making impossible any physical activities of a sound-healthy man.

    Apart what doctors can do and are doing now,
    me and Mom have to invent some heart-training pressure raising micro-exercises which (as I know micro motions - e.g. even moving your fingers - are able to increase blood circulation by 10-15 percents - already a progress and respectively increase blood pressure and train you heart muscles) do not hurt her chest cage.
    We bought soft rubber balls to squeeze and roll, but think they will be boring if used more than for 30-60 minutes per day.
    Wool knitting will require some printed diagrams and instructions, but Ilona is quickly tired from reading printed texts and from a computer screen.
    The activity we want to find must be easy, apt for a bed patient, micro-motion like, cheering and interesting enough to last at least for more than an hour. (Anything, but please do not propose paper cranes folding - Ilona knows that they did not help that Japan girl (sad smile)).

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