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Ilona's getting better.
09/15/2012, 16:19:32

    Doodle Moser writes:

    Three days ago Ilona placed her latest photo in local social network Vkontakte under tytle "11 days of new Ilona - alive and ticking" adding a post
    "Bingo! Guys, Iím alive. Well, canít remember two weeks of my life Ė but itís just a trifle. The fact is that now I breath and eat myself. Don't know when I m back home. You just wait."

    By the way - Ilona is an MM8 fan. 8))

    P.S. I got christened last Sunday, so that I could pray for her health in earnest.

    P.P.S. Docs in Bakulev's hospital are pros and kind. Except one - a pro too, but cruel - real doctor Hause. Insists and expecting that Ilona must move like a 100% healthy girl. *))

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