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Character tiers?
11/28/2010, 18:12:39

    StarGate05 writes:

    If you had to arrange the character from most powerful to least powerful combat wise, what would your list look like? Looking for a discussion, not a internet fight. Or maybe a list of most Useful to least useful? (that list might a bit different.) I didn't list them all because some are hard to put in specifc order.
    1. Dragon/Wyrm (crazy powerful/accurate standard attack)
    2. Knight/Champion (Best armored, best meleer, excellent skill set, *repair skill*)
    3. Lich (the best magic user) regeneration
    Lowest on the list...
    Dark Elf (takes hits like a chump) (gm in chain and bow is sweet though)
    Minotaur (not very useful overall class) (weak magic user) (can't wear certain armor) (axe is nice weapon though)

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