July 2nd, 2000 [by Caspar] :
    This week's poll is about... Lotsa new stuff has been going on this past few weeks. First of all, I can't help but brag a bit about my new 866 MHz PC with a DDR Geforce and all...I tell you, it's faster than a speeding bullet! : D

    Check out the new material on the site: There's now 4 additional Dungeon Tips, the new four being on Smuggler's Cove, Dire Wolves Den, Wasp Nest, and Ogre Fortress.

    Of course there's a new poll up. This week it's about the newly released (and much hyped) so-called "action-RPG" Diablo II. See the results of the last poll here.

    I must thank Mac the Archmage for sending along his quest info document. It's already in the process of being reformatted to HTML, and will be posted on these pages in the very near future.

    Bones has updated his spreadsheet for calculating Chance to Hit - find the new and improved version here.

    Spotted this at CGO - it seems 3DO and UBUBU.com have cooperated in making a Might and Magic "planet" for the UBUBU 3D internet surfing environment. Go here to see for yourself...Sounds intriguing, right?

June 19th, 2000 [by Caspar] :
    Oops! It seems I made a mistake putting up last week's poll. Would you believe I should have asked the exact opposite question? It should have read Turn-based, not Real Time! Sorry about that, folks.

    As a result of this blunder I have to ask you to go register your answer again. Thanks again for your time : )

    Oh, and I got a couple of links for you:

    There's a new Codex out. Go support the fine folks from the 3DO Community.
    Found another short bit on Warriors of Might and Magic, this one at Sharky Extreme.
June 13th, 2000 [by Caspar] :
    A horse with an attitude Whew! It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm really sorry about that, folks, but my RL job has been eating up all my spare time. As a result, the development of the pages has almost come to a standstill. I hope you'll be able to forgive me for taking this spontaneous vacation.

    Anyway, the first order of the day is to report that there's a new poll up. This time, it's a question from Bones, who needs your help for some of his research. Go check it out.
    The last poll was about our Tavern provider, ITW. A lot of you are not satisfied, but just as many feel we should keep it like it is (see the result of the poll here), so I think we'll keep the board on ITW.


May 9th, 2000 [by Caspar] :
    Answers! Get your Answers here! The tree has answers! Computer Games Online has posted a very nice three part guide to MM8. Click here for parts 1, 2 and 3.

    As most of you probably will have already experienced, good ol' ITW has been acting up again, causing problems for the guests in our Tavern. I was just going to move the whole thing to EZboard.com, when GP told me that it has become better just recently. Rest assured that I'm still working on finding a more stable home for us ; )

    The biggest and best news of today is that the pages with Dungeon Tips has been updated with tips on Abandoned Temple, Merchant House of Alvar and Tomb Of Lord Brinne. Go check it out!!! : )

    There's a new poll - this week we ask if you're annoyed by the Tavern problems. See the results of last weeks poll here.

May 2nd, 2000 [by Caspar] :
    Just a quick blurb to let you know that 3DO has opened a web-based e-mail service ( la Yahoo and Hotmail), the only difference is that you can get your username@mightandmagic.com! Go sign up while your handle is still available! : D

May 1st, 2000 [by Caspar] :
    The Mailbox-Naga, the nicest of the infamous Outlook monsters ; ) The main topic of today is that our hard-working Postmaster has updated the Mailbox pages. Yes, pages, there are more than one now! ; ) Go see what he's up to...

    Gamespot's RPG Guru, Desslock, talks about licensing of 3D engines for use in RPGs, and he of course mentions the M&M series (both M&M 9 and Legends of M&M will use the LithTech engine). He even has a blurb from Jon Van Caneghem on the subject. Check it out by clicking here.

    While on the subject of Legends of M&M, check out the new page on the Official Legends Site, which describes the Cleric class. This is the third character sheet posted, the other two being on the Crusader and the Warrior respectively.

    On to the new poll: This week, we ask what MM8 character/class is your favorite. Do you like the Dragons as much as everybody else, or are necromancers/liches more up your alley? Go cast your vote now! In last weeks poll, MM6 came out on top as your all time favorite M&M game - not very surprising, I have to say. But the number of people who preferred MM7 is perhaps just that, a bit baffling...Check the results out for yourself, right here.

    I'll soon make a page which will let you gain easy access to the old polls, until then you can access the images of the results by following this link.

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